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Oh Hell hath no Fury

June 21 , 2012 10:35 PM
Some of us grew up with the notion that if we did something wrong we'd go to Hell and that we'd burn in an endless fire pit

Now, in the past I have said that if Photography was a religion the camera manual would be the Bible, so... what would burn a Photographer the most?

Those photographers who shot film might remember all the precautions we took to protect our precious film such as filling the refrigerator with rolls of film instead of food :)
It is also true that developed rolls would be placed in archival sleeves to make sure we could print pictures centuries later


For the most part, we don't shoot film anymore but follow the same logic. We keep our memory cards as protected from physical damage the best we can and transfer the pictures to our computers as soon as possible, organize them and store them away. But is there a 'Happily ever after'?

It was 1997 when my first laptop crashed and I took it back to the electronics store where I bought it to have fixed. They knew best, right? Well, they sent it to their repair center and a couple of weeks later got a call to come by the store. Two weeks without a laptop was too much so I was giddy as my children on Christmas morning. However when the store clerk informed that my laptop was 'non-repairable'... Well, I hate to admit I started crying just like my one-year-old son :(
Oh Hell hath no fury... like the loss of Pictures
I use at least two cameras, multiple lenses, redundant flashes, bunch of batteries and several memory cards...if something fails, we have a reliable backup for the backup. All because Mr Murphy says everything will fail... and fail they will. It's a fact of life


We'd like to think it will happen to somebody else but, whether Mac or Windows, computers crash. We don't need to like it... but is another fact of life.

What we do (or don't do) before the crash will set us on a Highway to Hell or send us to Picture Nirvana.

A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned they had a computer crash and took their computer for repairs. The technician said they had to send the Hard Drive to a high-tech, static-free facility to recover all their pictures and that would cost a couple Thousands... at least.
I remember when we just shot a wedding, was editing pictures and walked away to take a break. My one-year-old decided to play under my desk and turned power to my workstation... Yup, my computer crashed and crashed hard. Spent two hours after the workshop I was teaching bringing the workstation back to life and deleting corrupted pictures.
What if my workstation couldn't come back to life? Another workstation or even my laptop could finish the job without lossing a single picture.

Hard Drives
External hard drives used to cost thousands... not so anymore

Next time you are roaming the electronics sections (before drooling over the HD TV sets) check out the External Hard Drives. If a Hundred bucks is too much allow me to ask, how much are our pictures worth?

Can you imagine telling a young bride "Sorry, I lost all your wedding pictures"?

Oh, Hell hath no fury... like the loss of pictures
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