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Once bitten...

November 16 , 2011 01:47 PM


A couple of weeks ago we're in the middle of our workshop class when I was about to demo some lighting setup and guess what? Yup, I had left my CF (Memory Card) in my computer...

Those who know me are familiar with my methodical workflow, procedures and checklists and I have a good reason for that. Or so I think

See? Some years ago I planned to go to Pacifica and take some beach shots (surfers, people, kites, etc). I packed all my gear, got my 'assistants' ready and we headed out. I would like to think we got some pretty good shots that day. Unfortunately, we'll never know.

As it turned out, that afternoon I shot without a CF in my camera and didn't realize it until I was about to download the pictures later that night. However upset I was there was a lesson to be learned so I made changes to my Canon DSLR to Shoot w/o CF Off (Canon Cameras are set to ON by default) and I added all my old CF's to my bag as backup

So, this week even though my CF was at home when I tried to shoot the viewfinder blinked a "NO CF" warning and refused to take a picture. Easy fix! Just had to dig in one of the pockets and pull an old CF and continued with the class

Who knows? Maybe that became another lesson in itself :)
It pays to have a backup
Quick Tip:
Before leaving home hit the 'Preview' Button on your Camera. This will let you know if you have a battery in the camera, if you have pictures in your memory card (and need to transfer/ingest them), or no card and no memory card