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Photoshop Watermark Action

September 14 , 2011 04:47 PM
As a continuation to Web Ready Images, here are the instructions to create an action to watermark pictures using Photoshop
Actions are 'pre-recorded' or automated instructions (like a batch file, Script or a Macro) that make our life easier. Once the action has been recorded we can apply it to a whole folder in seconds or even 'call' it by using a function key. Note that some of this notes were written using CS2 but they are identical in CS5 (just some minor differences on the interface)
Photoshop CS2 and CS5:
Step 1.- Open an image from your regular camera
Step 2.- Go to the Actions Palette on the right, click the ‘arrow’ button and select New Action and call it ‘Watermark’ and hit Record
Step 3.- Go to the Layers Panel and click the Create New Layer button at the bottom (hover you mouse if you don’t know which one is)
New Layer
Step 4.- On the Toolbox, select the Custom Shape Tool (looks like a star fish). On the options tool, select the copyright sign
Custom Shape
Custom Shape
Step 5.- Draw a black copyright sign on the image
Copyright Sign
Step 6.- On the Menu Bar, go to Filter, scroll down to Stylize and select Emboss. Select default settings and hit OK
Step 7.- On the Layers Panel, change the layer mode from Normal to HARD LIGHT
Step 8.- On the Toolbox select the Type Tool and write your Name, Studio Name, Blog, Website, whatever you want to show under the Copyright Sign
Step 9.- Repeat steps 6 and 7
Step 10.- To Embed a Copyright Notice to the Picture go the Menu Bar, Scroll down to File Info. Once the File Info Dialog opens you can enter information you want to embed into the file itself
Step 11.- When you are done just click the Stop Recording Button at the bottom of the Actions Palette and you are Done
Photoshop Elements 9 doesn’t seem to have an ‘Action Recorder’ but it has the ability to run actions created in Photoshop by using the Action Player in the Guided Mode. Sorry for the bad news :(
Alternatively, you can follow the instructions in Photoshop Elements without the need to create an Action. When you are done save the image as Watermark.psd and use later as a Template and just drag the Watermark layers or the other way around by dragging the picture into the template. Either way should work
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