My first 35mm camera back in 1988 was a Minolta and had to learn the hard way how to use it to document the many places visited and the people I served.
One of my best memories was in 2002 when I got a phone call asking me to shoot a wedding. Apparently, the bride's mom had seen a Wedding Album and liked the pictures I shot. So I begun shooting friends and their relatives whenever they asked.
I consider myself a LifeStyle Photographer, my main objective is to capture Family Life moments that matter to you: from Newborn Babies, Children, Seniors, Engagements and Weddings or the joy of a Mud Run! :)
If there is anything I love and enjoy the most is my family and our time together. Children grow up so fast and is my intention to capture those fleeting moments before they are gone and create memories that will be treasured throughout eternity.
Another thing I love in life is Teaching. So, I teach a Digital Photography Workshops based on my own experience and transition from film to digital. Had I attended such a workshop would have saved me a ton of money and unnecessary headaches learning by trial and error or choosing equipment.
If it is worth remembering, I believe, then it is worth photographing and keeping forever
Member, Professional Photographers of America
Enjoy :)
Tomas Mendoza
Self Portrait
The picture below was taken by Larissa at the Patriot Mud Challenge, June 2011
Tomas Mendoza