Digital Photography Workshop

Our Digital Photography Workshop evolved from personal notes; in a way, it was intended as the Workshop I wish I had attended 20 years ago

Our workshop includes weekly assignments designed to implement what is being learned, challenge your creativity, composition and help you discover what your camera has to offer
Learn how to make your photographs more appealing by isolating a subject, freezing action or controlling light. We also discuss lighting setup, composition and how to store and organize them on your computer.
We have formed a partnership with Roanoke, The Rising Star of the Metroplex, and will offer the Digital Photography Workshop at the Roanoke Recreation Center on the following dates for 2013:
Digital Photography, Jul 02 to Aug 06 (Activity 1403.201) Tuesdays and a Saturday

Digital Photography, Aug 06 to Sep 03  (Activity 1403.202) Tuesdays and a Saturday

Digital Photography, Sep 10 to Oct 08 (Activity 1403.203) Tuesdays and a Saturday

Digital Photography, Oct 22 to Nov 19 (Activity 1403.204) Tuesdays and a Saturday

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