Photoshop Essentials for Photographers

The Photoshop Essentials for Digital Photographers was developed to compliment the other workshops and as an introduction to the our new DarkRoom: Photoshop
This workshop is intended as a continuation of the Digital Photography Workshop and is main goal is to help Photographers develop a Digital Workflow, Adjust exposure, enhance our pictures and/or correct them when neccessary.

We have formed a partnership with Roanoke, The Rising Star of the Metroplex, and will offer the Photoshop Essentials for Photographers Workshop at the Roanoke Recreation Center on the following dates for 2012:


Photoshop Essentials for Photographers, Feb 17 to Mar 23 (Activity 1404.102) Fridays
Photoshop Essentials for Photographers, Mar 30 to May 04 (Activity 1404.103) Fridays
Photoshop Essentials for Photographers, May 11 to Jun 15 (Activity 1404.104) Fridays
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