Workshop Testimonials

I found out about the Digital Photography workshop through the City of Roanoke Parks and Recreation Activity Guide. The city website states that the workshop is for people "who want to go beyond the automatic settings. I have learned how to take the pictures I've always wanted to but never knew how. It is also clear to me now what type of camera I want to purchase as I continue improving my photography skills. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in learning how to take better pictures with their digital camera.

-Reka Reynolds

I just completed Tomas' photography workshop and I can't say enough GREAT things about him and his class. He gave me a better understanding of how to use setting on my camera such as f-stop, shutter speed and ISO and in turn the pictures that I am taking of my family have been a million times better. I would recommend that anyone who wants to learn more about their camera and how to improve their pictures take this class! Tomas is a great teacher and you can tell he has a passion for what he is doing. Thanks Tomas!

-Kelli Merrill


I've been into photography as long as I can remember. Nothing special, just regular point and shoot stuff. I never entirely did it with a sense of art, but mostly just to capture the moments. Eventually I noticed and had comments that my shots were great and were very artful. I eventually started trying more from the artist prospective. I bought my Nikon D80 in 2007 planning on trying to be a tad more "professional" with my photography. I unfortunately didn't use the camera all that much and still preffered my Canon powershot as it was easier and more compact. About mid-year 2008 I started playing around with my D80 much more and trying to figure out all the settings. I took it with me everywhere on my work travels for opportunities to capture landscapes and people. I could not figure out how to use anything, but full Auto mode. I tried reading some books, but just did not grasp the concept of everything working together (aperture, shutter and ISO). I did some searching for photography classes in the DFW area and got in contact with Tomas Mendoza who had a six-week workshop close to my home. I wasn't expecting much, but to learn the basics. Tomas astonished me with his knowledge and techniques. I immediately started to understand how the triad (A, S, ISO) each worked and what they specifically did. Ever since taking Tomas' workshop I have worked pretty much in Manual mode since now understand how to bring everything together for my conception of the perfect shots.

I highly recommend Tomas' workshop to beginners and even some advanced persons interested in photography. It is a GREAT benefit!

-Ryan "Dre" Ondrey
I would suggest that anyone who would like to improve their photographs and better understand their camera take this class.
I now understand f-stop, shutter speed and ISO and I am able to take pictures that look great. My friends and family cannot believe that I am the person taking the pictures because they have a professional quality to them now.
Thomas is a great teacher who is very personable and has a sincere desire to share his love of photography with others.
You will not be disappointed!
Picture taken by Lauren